The best scented candles in the UK. Handmade in Brighton, rose gold tinned candle 190g with lid. Long lasting, long-burning, strongly scented home fragrances

What are our exquisite, cruelty-free, hand-poured scented candles made of? More than you might imagine!

When it comes to all things creative, inspiration, thought, and intention all play a significant role as the ingredients/materials used. For me, that intention is the end product of many influences developed over nearly two decades. And this post aims to break those down in just a few words, so here goes! 😉

One of the questions often asked is how do I make scented candles at home? Well, if this is something you’ve previously asked, this post is for you. Even if you haven’t, who knows if you won’t catch the creative bug! I’ve included a simple candle-making recipe at the end.

So here is my recipe for the handcrafted love, purity, and passion that go into making Brighton Rock Workshop’s home fragrance products!  

Step 1: A splash of father-daughter creativity
I've been creating all kinds of stuff for as long as I can remember - you could say that this is my happy place.  As a kid, my dad often took me to the Design Museum in London.  During the museum's family activities, children and parents could design and build models together, and this is where my fledgling inner creator was given ample room to explore! 

It was a truly magical time to share and develop a creative space with my dad, the gentle giant who was the centre of the universe from my tiny person's perspective. To this day, there is a splash of my father's creative DNA in Brighton Rock Workshop and the desire to inspire wholesome family spaces with the products I create.

Step 2: Add to this the heady mix of Brighton and Alicante!
As a native of Brighton, I feel most influenced by my home city’s vibrant and forward-thinking culture. The pastel palette of my brand's colours is a tribute to this fact taking inspiration from the famous Brighton Rock confectionary. 

But I have been lucky enough to call the sizzling city of Alicante home for the past few years. This beautiful haven in Costa Blanca has a lot to offer. Its unique climate, delicious cuisine, and cultural wealth make it an ideal place to relax. 
I find inspiration here to create products that celebrate the lighter side of life. Those occasions when it's all about being caught up in the moment as if there was no tomorrow-the essence of living life to the fullest in the cosy, safe space of friends and family.

From this space, I found myself creating a collection of hand-poured scented candles, snap bars, and wax melts that mimic the vibrant pinks and yellows of a hot Mediterranean sunset. The perfect accompaniment to love, laughter, companionship, and good food on a summer evening still warm from the sun.


Step 3. Bake together with a little lockdown fever and maternal expectancy!
I know I’m not the only one who went a little stir crazy during the recent Covid lockdown.  And, of course, my response was to jump at every opportunity to create and make stuff! Lockdown, along with being pregnant with my first child, was causing my normally constant urge for creative expression to skyrocket!

When not working on a project (or thinking about what one will come next), you can usually find me quilting, patchworking, or woodworking. I designed every element of the baby's nursery during the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy, from drawing animals to stencilling them, painting them, and making matching blankets.

Then, my attention turned to home fragrance. I have been making candles ever since I got a DIY kit for Christmas as a kid. Over the years, my repertoire has extended to include wax melts, snap bars, and soaps and lotions. I had made these for personal use and for friends and family.

But could I take a little piece of what I loved and share it with the world at large? In the end, I decided I could. I mean, why not share a little something that could bring delight and happiness amidst all the chaos and drama that was surrounding everyone everywhere. So, in 2021, the birth of my beautiful baby girl, Brighton Rock Workshop, was officially born!

Step 4: Serve with a generous helping of love, spirituality, and modern values.
(a)  Be the true wonderful you!
Like most residents of Brighton, I am fiercely proud of my city's reputation as the UK's LGBTQ+ capital (a status which has been 200 years in the making!) Brighton Rock Workshop is about freedom, fairness, loving ourselves, and the magnificent planet we live in.

I aim to create products that play a small part in fostering sacred space inside the home. The perfect place to just relax, unwind,  be yourself, and express your truth and unique identity.
b) Loving the world we live in.
In a time of continued climate change, using vegan candles is an excellent and ethical way to preserve nature and save on energy costs. Our candles are eco-friendly and cruelty-free and use no animal products during their refinement process. Even so, we still deliver solid scents with long-lasting fragrances! What’s more, vegan candles are far healthier than inhaling the beeswax used in traditional candle-making methods.
Are you ready to take the plunge with your own homemade scented candles?
Taking up a new creative hobby can be exciting and excellent for self-care. Through creativity, you can learn new skills and navigate new techniques and methods. Using this process can be helpful when facing difficult situations that require reflection and pause. Whether times are good or bad, creating is always a great way to lift your spirits, reconnect with yourself, and feel inspired. 
So here is my step-by-step method for you to follow to make your own natural vegan soy wax candles.
-Candle containers (recycled candle containers, glass heat-safe containers from charity shops, etc.)

-Your chosen wax (we like to use a rapeseed blend)

-Essential oils or fragrance oils for candles (a therapeutic grade essential oil is always great)

-Candle wicks and wick stabilizers or a glue gun

-Wooden pegs or a lolly stick

-A double boiler is one of the most common methods for candle makers to heat and melt their wax. It is designed to promote slow and even heating by placing a pouring jug (containing wax) in another pot containing water which is then gently heated.

-Kitchen thermometer for cooking

-A heat-resistant jug for pouring

-Stirrer made of stainless steel, such as a spoon
Step by Step Candle Making Instructions
1. Using a double boiler, melt your wax 

2. Wax should be heated at a medium temperature, not too high, so as not to disturb the wax. Around 75 degrees Celsius should suffice for most waxes.

3. Place the thermometer in the wax and stir occasionally. As the wax melts, it will transform from solid wax to a golden liquid.

4. Assemble your candle containers while the wax melts. Make sure the wick stabilizers are inserted into the bottoms of the wicks. Centre your wick inside the candle containers in the middle of the bottom of the glass. Set aside.

5. Remove the thermometer from the heat when it reaches the appropriate temperature for your wax.

6. Stir the fragrance oil into the melted wax, ensuring it is evenly distributed. (Never use more than a 9:1 wax to fragrance oil recipe. It is best to check with your supplier on what they recommend.)

7. Using a pouring jug, pour the fragranced liquid wax into the candle containers.

8. Stabilise the candle wick with the wick stabilizer (wooden peg)

9. Place the candle carefully in a warm room for at least 24 hours.

10. Trim the wick approximately 5mm with nail scissors or a wick trimmer once it has been set.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to explore, feel free to reach out and let us know the things that inspired you to create. Which colours did you choose and why? What blends of scents did you choose?

Have fun!

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