Compliance Data

All of Brighton Rock Workshop's products are fully compliant within EU and UK laws. You will be able to find information regarding allergens and hazardous components labelled on all of our products. This information can be found either on the product itself or the direct packaging that it is supplied in. Where possible, we will always display it on the product container.

The product's net weight will always be displayed on the label; please note that this is an approximation and will not always be exact due to all of our products being handmade. For soaps, it is important to note that the weight given is correct at the time of cutting and packing. Due to the curing process, the soap may become lighter over the course of time.

If you, the consumer, have any known allergens, we will always advise that you speak to a medical professional prior to using our products. If you find yourself feeling unwell or having an allergic reaction when using our products, always seek medical advice straight away. Make sure to take a note of the allergens you have come into contact with, directly or indirectly. You can also find this information on our website which will be displayed as an image alongside each individual product before purchasing.

If you have any concerns or queries, please send an email to

Lois at Brighton Rock Workshop is the responsible person for all products. In case of an emergency, please seek medical attention and to contact us please use the contact number provided on the CLP label of the product in question.