Best Scents When Buying as a Gift

Best Scents When Buying as a Gift

Buying gifts can be stressful and seem somewhat daunting, especially if your relationship with the gift-receiver is not overly personal. Fragrances can be a very thoughtful and unique gift so picking the safest option is imperative. Not only can scents improve your mood and general well-being, but they can strengthen relationships in ways you wouldn’t have ever considered. Times like Christmas and birthdays really get people wondering, how well do I really know this person, or how well do they really know me? Gift giving is not just about the gift itself but is most importantly about the consideration and thought behind it, the attention to detail and the meaningful choices made when selecting a specific scent, whether it be more warm, fresh, calming, energising etc, and how well suited it is to they type of person you’re buying it for. A gift leaves a lasting impression and shows how you feel about someone. 

Lemongrass and Ginger is a fresh and energising scent that is extremely popular and rarely fails to impress. It is a reliable and safe option among people of all ages, regardless of gender. During my many years selling this scent at farmer’s markets and craft events (in the form of wax melts, soap and candles), it has proven to be hugely favoured by people when shopping for gifts. This scent is generally well-liked by everyone, with extra focus on the older crowd. This is a fantastic choice because of its energising, uplifting and long-lasting scent. Why wouldn’t you want to receive that as a gift? For some context into the actual scent itself, our Lemongrass & Ginger fragrance boasts strong top notes of Italian lemongrass, warm tones of ginger and nutmeg, and a hint of eucalyptus with base notes of sensual patchouli, white woods and creamy vanilla. This scent is often associated with rejuvenation, offering a must-try sensual experience to anybody who dares to try it. This is a low-risk gift as (in our experience) it never disappoints. 

Another best-selling and reliable scent when buying a gift is Plum, Rose and Patchouli . This scent is the perfect balance of fruity and floral. It is a complex and rich combination that creates a captivating aroma followed by a calming and relaxing experience. The smell of plum is often described as dark, sweet and juicy and adds vibrancy to the overall aroma. Rose is a classic scent which everyone seems to love for its timeless and romantic smell. It brings a delicate, soft and elegant touch to the overall product. Patchouli is more of an earthy scent which adds depth and warmth. Plum, Rose & Patchouli has a precise and perfect combination of popular scent notes, often making it the number 1 choice, both when a customer is buying something for themselves and when buying as a gift for somebody else. This scent would please the more traditional personality, minimalists, adventurers, romantics, sophisticates... The list goes on. This would also be a top pick for celebrations such as anniversaries because of the rose which adds a romantic yet elegant touch. Whilst we understand that scents can be extremely personal and what suits one may not suit another, this fragrance is very low-risk and the receiver is bound to be impressed by this exceptional scent, which will leave a long lasting aroma. Our personal favourite product in this fragrance is the 190g Rose Gold Tinned Candle, which is affordable without compromising quality.

The third scent we would recommend is Himalayan Cedar and Jasmine, which comes in a 150g candle, 220g candle, lotion, scrub, or wax melt. This is a warm, woody and vanilla-infused scent which includes white florals, eucalyptus and smooth amber. Its complementary combination of scents creates a highly sophisticated and unforgettable fragrance. Himalayan Cedar contributes an earthy, woody-rich musk. It’s known for its warming effect and is associated with strength and stability. Contrastingly, jasmine is a sweet, floral scent. Cedar is often associated with spirituality and grounding whilst jasmine is more about love, beauty and sensuality. Jasmine is known for its potential to elevate moods and evoke positive emotions, and when paired with the grounding scent of Himalayan Cedar, it can create a tranquil and harmonious energy at home. This powerful fragrance has a long lasting and strong aroma. The perfect balance of woody and floral notes leads to a wide variety of people choosing it when we trade at local markets. There are days when we have brought 5x the amount of products in this fragrance than in any other, and it has still completely sold out, surpassing all other scents.

Finally, if you don't feel comfortable narrowing it down to just one type of fragrance, then a really good option to go for would be a Best Picks selection box and a wax melt burner. This offers a range of our best selling scents from floral or fruity to woody or fresh. They're bound to find a few they love.

We hope that you feel enlightened by the information in this blog post and have found a new sense of confidence when buying gifts for a loved one, co-worker or anybody in-between. Fragrances have the ability to evoke emotions, trigger memories and make noteworthy presents, and the fragrances we have listed above are exceptionally popular for when you find yourself in this scenario.


You can browse our full list of handmade products online at All of our products are handmade in Brighton in Sussex. They are vegan friendly and cruelty-free, and as an extra bonus, we offer free shipping to anywhere in the UK! 

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